Whole Foods reveals top 10 food trends to watch next year

In its seventh-annual food trends report​, the Whole Foods Trends Council — ​a group of more than 50 Whole Foods Market team members with decades of trend watching experience including regional and global buyers, local foragers, and culinary experts ​ shared their top ten predictions for the forthcoming year. 

“Last year, we saw tremendous pandemic-related shifts in grocery buying habits as the world adjusted to spending more time at home. As the food industry slowly adjusts to a new normal, we expect to see consumers prioritize food and drink products that deliver additional benefits—like functional sodas and tonics— and products that support their sense of well-being, like urban garden greens and products grown with farming processes that help address soil health,”​ said Sonya Gafsi Oblisk, chief marketing officer at Whole Foods Market.

“We look forward to watching these trends take form in grocery aisles and on our plates in 2022.”

See how to try each emerging food trend HERE​.

Ultra-urban farming

In 2013, Whole Foods Market opened a co-located retail store in Brooklyn with a Gotham Greens greenhouse on top, providing fresh and sustainably grown herbs and salad greens in greenhouse systems using sunlight and 100% renewable electricity.

“Since then, innovation in indoor farming has ballooned, from hydroponics and aquaponics to mushrooms grown above our grocery aisles — and even fresh produce grown by robots. Producers are finding new, boundary-pushing ways to grow hyper-local crops and maximize efficiency,”​ said Whole Foods. 

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