World Food Safety Day 2022: Date, Significance And 4 Healthy Food Practices To Follow

Food plays a major role in our everyday life. While healthy and nutritious food helps promote overall well-being, unhealthy ones lead to several diseases. To mark the importance of healthy food practices, World Food Safety Day is observed on June 7, annually. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), this day is marked to “draw attention and mobilise action to prevent, detect and manage foodborne risks and improve human health.” This year, the theme for World Food Safety Day is “Safer food, better health,” announced WHO. An official statement reads that the campaign stresses the need for a holistic approach towards food system for better health in a sustainable manner, to prevent food-borne diseases.

WHO’s Assistant Director-General for Universal Health Coverage / Healthier Populations Dr. Naoko Yamamoto further states that it is important to make food safety a priority for all to stay healthier and be more productive. This will also help reduce the pressure on health care systems.

Considering this, we curated a list explaining some common safe food practices. These tips on healthy food practices have been suggested by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Take a look.

Here Are 4 Safe And Healthy Food Practices For You:

1. Always Clean Raw Food:

Cleaning food before consumption is one of the most basic food practices we must follow. Be it a fruit or a vegetable, clean it well before cooking or consuming raw. Even, it is suggested to clean the lids of packed food before opening and using it.

2. Keep Raw Foods Separately:

One must always keep meat, eggs, seafood, fish etc. away from other foods. In fact, even while cutting these foods, we should use a separate chopping board.

3. Cook Food Well:

Raw foods, especially meat, should be cooked well. Cooking well helps destroy unhealthy bacteria, making the food safe for consumption.

4. Refrigerate Properly:

Be it raw food or a cooked one, it is very important to store it well in the refrigerator. While cooked foods should always be stored with a lid, raw ones should be kept separately. While meat and fish should be in the freezer, vegetables and fruits should be stored properly in the vegetable storage section. This will keep food fresh and healthy for a longer span of time.

Now that you are aware of these safe food practices, follow them strictly and enjoy healthy eating habits.

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