If you’ve ever felt an urgent need to make confit potatoes or fold a tortilla wrap in a clockwise direction, then you have been influenced. It can creep in from anywhere, an overheard conversation on the bus about three-ingredient brownies (I was responsible for this one), or a quick chat at the start of a Zoom call about that feta pasta for dinner. Coronavirus wasn’t the only thing spreading virally in 2020. There were the dalgona coffee and banana bread […]

With the world regaining some sense of “normal” in recent months, a problem that didn’t really exist during the height of the pandemic is returning to our lives — the early morning coffee rush. Who amongst us hasn’t been twenty minutes late to work because we took a chance on a Starbucks drive-thru that deep down we knew we didn’t have time for? These days, it feels like there are even more drivers on the road than in pre-pandemic times. […]

There’s only one month to go now, until lots of us get around lots of tables to share lots of food. My plan this Christmas is to make up for how little travel has been possible with a feast of flavours from around the globe: Italian parmesan, Japanese sake, African cassava, Greek feta, Middle Eastern date syrup, French brie and a Creole turkey, all bringing into question the whole notion of there being just one “traditional” way of doing things. […]

There are few things more deeply embedded in family and cultural traditions than the food we eat. But our diets are also subject to global forces far beyond our control. Sociologist Ding-Tzann Lii looks at these dynamics when it comes to Taiwan’s relationship with one of the most basic food staples of all: rice. After World War II, Lii writes, the United States ramped up international food aid. This was both a strategic move in the Cold War and a […]

The path to a nanny state is paved with good intentions. According to local reports, the council in “the most obese area in Lancashire” is planning to place restrictions on takeaway food to control the health menace. While this isn’t a standalone measure — there is also talk of encouraging exercise and addressing mental health issues — it is of a piece with the notion that health and well-being stem primarily from the decisions individuals take — smokers get cancer, […]

Fat. The word has so many connotations and meanings and it was a main describing factor for me in fourth grade. Just ask Lucas Mahuta. Or Zac Grimes. As I was vilified in grade school, so too is fat, and it has been since the fat-free movement in the 1990s and before. Fat-free, low-fat, no-fat diets abounded, were basically proven to work, but not to achieve the long-term effects they set out to, and were subsequently widely discredited as far […]

Sweet, cheese-filled crepes with brown butter and pears from Agi’s Counter. Photo: Janice Chung A line of customers stretches out the door and onto Franklin Avenue in Crown Heights. It’s the first Sunday in business for the new café Agi’s Counter, where the food is inspired by Eastern Europe (and, more specifically, Hungary), and the space is packed. Maybe you stop into Agi’s for a cup of coffee, but you haven’t had breakfast yet and the pogača — a biscuit […]

Sadly around one in two people will develop cancer at some point in their lives, according to the most accurate forecast to date from Cancer Research UK. Though fortunately, sometimes you may be able to reduce your risk and catching signs early can often help with treatment. Indeed, certain studies have suggested eating cruciferous vegetables can help slash your risk of certain cancers. The link between cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, and cancer prevention has been looked into by researchers. […]

GILMER, Texas (KETK) – Smiling faces, and the smell of wonderful food greeted people Wednesday at Bubba’s Fat Burger’s third annual free Thanksgiving meal at the Gilmer Yamboree grounds. Last year their event fed 600 people, and this year they hoped to feed 1500. What places in East Texas will be open on Thanksgiving 2021 “Four years ago, the Lord came to me and told me to do this,” said James Brown, owner of Bubba’s Fat Burger. They were offering […]

Photograph by Emma Fishman For the aunt with the fake orchids Help her do better. Gift her a dried arrangement in one of these sculptural papier mâche vessels made from recycled paper. They’ll last just as long as fake flowers but are a serious home decor upgrade. Serax Papier Mâche Vessels For the friend who is celebrating minimalism’s demise If you know someone (me) who is done with white-on-cream-on-white, these napkins from Kenyan brand Siafu Home are anything but beige. […]