Consumer research shows that taste and texture are the most important factors in the decision to buy – or not – plant-based meat, but more often than not the products currently on the market fall short of expectations. According to research by Ingredion, 53% of consumers said taste and texture are the most important characteristic ​when selecting a plant-based meat – far higher than the 39% you listed as a top priority whether products have a clean or all natural […]

A new study, published in The Journal of Nutrition, suggests that extreme dietary habits involving carbohydrates and fats affect life expectancy. Researchers from Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine in Japan led by Dr. Takashi Tamura found that a low carbohydrate intake in men and a high carbohydrate intake in women are associated with a higher risk of all-cause and cancer-related mortality and that women with higher fat intake may have a lower risk of all-cause mortality. Their findings suggest […]

A ‘tidal wave of harm’ will hit the UK due to Brits’ high ultra-processed food diet, experts warned today. The alert follows two studies which found that people who consume lots of mass-produced foods have a 24 per cent higher risk of suffering a heart attack and a 39 per cent increased chance of having dangerously high blood pressure. Campaigners called the findings, from researchers in Australia and China, the strongest evidence yet that eating ultra-processed foods is deadly. However, […]

Brown stew chicken might seem like a snooze of a name for a recipe, but don’t be fooled—Jamaica’s signature marvel of a dish offers a galaxy of flavors that explains its massive fan base on the island and among the country’s expats. In other words, the name of this chicken thigh dinner may underdeliver in terms of the “wow” factor, but overdelivers at first bite. Why the cult-like devotion? The dish’s components—and how they’re assembled and cooked—delivers a master class […]

The typical British diet will cause a “tidal wave of harm”, experts have warned, as damning new research revealed even eating “low-fat” and “diet” processed foods raises the risk of heart problems. People who eat a lot of mass-produced foods are a quarter more likely to have heart attacks or strokes, one study found. While separate research revealed women who ate high levels of heavily processed foods –  including “healthy” products like protein bars, low-fat yoghurts and brown sliced bread […]

August 2023 Print this issue A Closer Look at What You Eat Food provides energy and nutrients that are essential for your health. These include proteins, carbohydrates, and fats (called macronutrients), and vitamins and minerals (called micronutrients). Having a balanced diet helps ensure you get all the nutrients your body needs. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans offer guidance on what a balanced diet looks like. […]

Eggs very well may be one of the most versatile foods within the American diet. Whether you like them poached, scrambled or folded into your favorite cake recipe, eggs have found their place as a staple within our diets for centuries…and for good reason. Eggs contain an array of important nutrients, including all nine essential amino acids, high-quality protein and a host of vitamins and minerals. In fact, eggs are one of the groceries on a cardiologist’s shopping list. Unfortunately, […]

What are the most expensive minerals in the world? There is a good reason that rock and gem hunters are willing to spend weeks on end scouring remote locations to find mineral deposits; some of these minerals can fetch an impressive profit! We’d definitely spend hours panning through a cold river if it meant hopefully finding a mineral worth a couple thousand per carat!   The Most Expensive Minerals in the World Whether you’re looking to invest in some expensive minerals or […]

From hydrogenation to interesterification, there are many ways to change the properties of fats, says Fattastic Technologies founder Satnam Singh. But finding a cost-effective, scalable approach to create the next generation of healthy fats for meat alternatives has proved elusive. Currently, most plant-based meat formulators turn to coconut oil, which is high in saturated fat, doesn’t taste like animal fat, and melts when the meat starts cooking, leaking out of the food matrix, he says. Multiple alternatives are therefore being […]

For decades, nutrition experts have steered Americans away from whole milk and other full-fat dairy products, but research over the past decade or so should lead to a change in that advice, some experts say. While the 2020-2025 guidelines from the U.S. Department of Agriculture continue to encourage consumption of low-fat and fat-free dairy products, cardiologists and nutrition specialists tell that this recommendation may not be aligned with the most recent science. In addition, they say there may be […]