(NEXSTAR) – From Oreo wine to Reese’s “pie” and mac and cheese-flavored desserts, 2021 saw a lot of strange new foods and food combinations. Here’s a menu of just some of the gastronomic, er, creations of the past year: Beverages This year marked the 100th anniversary of the Bloody Mary, but apparently we needed new alcohol with crazier ingredients to deal with the pandemic. Potato-flavored alcohol led the way. Lay’s potato chip flavored vodka Lay’s potato chips are well-known to […]

MORGAN HILL – A pair of 23-year-old Morgan Hill men were arrested on suspicion of robbing the same fast-food restaurant twice in the past month, police said. The robberies occurred Dec. 13 and Dec. 20 at the Burger King at 1107 Cochrane Road in Morgan Hill, the Morgan Hill Police Department said in a news release Tuesday. The suspects demanded money and employees provided cash from the registers, according to police. Both times, the suspects escaped on foot. Police said […]

Year-end lists can be very revealing. Take, for instance, Spotify’s personalized lists of users’ most-played songs and artists, all of which can be telling. Was there a lot of upbeat pop or groovy disco? Or was it all Death Cab for Cutie, a sign that the vibes were not quite so high? Whatever the case, The New York Times Cooking staff’s end-of-year recap also reflected our general mood: Comfort and ease were essential, and so were reliable old standbys. You […]

Start your day with LAist Sign up for the Morning Brief, delivered weekdays. In any proper drinking session, there’s a moment when your head’s a little lighter, when ordinary things seem interesting but they haven’t yet begun to shimmer — the Sweet Spot. When you’re in it, one more drink sounds like a great idea. What’s the alternative? Imagine two doors. Behind one is the exit, back into cold, grey reality. Behind the other lies a beguiling mystery, requiring another […]

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I am truly blessed when it comes to family and friends. When it comes to food — not so much. Many of us will be making New Year’s resolutions regarding eating and exercise with goals of better health. I started early making good food choices. After a severe gallbladder attack, I am striving for a fat-free diet until I can get it removed. While such an attack never happens at a good time, […]

Which foodstuffs were most popular in your neck of the woods? (Getty Images) (NEXSTAR) — Just as our doctors have repeatedly asked us to do, Instacart went ahead and figured out what we’ve all been eating over the past year. Instacart, an online ordering and delivery platform for groceries, has delved into its data to determine the most common supermarket purchases throughout the U.S., both on national and local levels. In a general sense, the findings indicate a shift away […]

It’s not easy to find something to eat during the day on Christmas Day. Most restaurants, even the casual ones that very rarely close, shut their doors for the holiday to give their employees some time off. A few chains, however, buck the trend and keep at least some of their stores open. Even the chains that keep some locations open may also have others that are closed. In some cases, the decision to open or close gets made at […]

BANGKOK, Dec. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In tune with today’s current health awareness across the globe, an increasing number of people are paying more attention to food and healthy eating. To carry this direction further, Thailand’s Department of Cultural Promotion is promoting Thai foods as medicinal and beneficial for one’s health through the website ThaiTasteTherapy.com – an online Thai cooking space showcasing 50 recipes. Additionally, information on raw ingredients and Thai herbs are available. Thailand Launches Online Cooking Space, Showcasing […]

3. Snacks go global Would-be travelers stuck at home during the pandemic have been exploring foreign locations through snack foods. Regional cuisines from Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America have been gaining traction among U.S. consumers, and global ingredients are finding their way into snacks ranging from beverages to chips, Purcell says.​​“Food is such a great way to bring the world to you. And such an affordable way to have a really unique experience,” says Deutch, who recommends searching for […]

When it comes to losing weight, a number of factors must line up in order to achieve visible, healthy results. While a sustainable calorie deficit is one of the most important aspects, the foods you’re getting those calories from also make a significant impact on your body in terms of the energy they provide and their unique bearing on your metabolism. Some foods, such as lean protein and fresh fruits and vegetables, are undeniably a valuable addition to your diet, […]