Joey Chestnut is the undisputed hot dog-eating champion of the world … a title that could be costing him hours of his life at a time, according to a recent food nutrition study. According to findings released this week in the Nature journal (via The New York Post), one beef hot dog on a bun costs whoever eats it 36 minutes off their life, “largely due to the detrimental effect of processed meat.” Chestnut has eaten no fewer than 52 […]

Food on the kitchen counter is seldom safe when you have hungry pets around. In an amusing clip, a dog seems to have found an interesting way to steal food left on the stove. The 15-second clip, which has now gone viral on social media, features a black dog standing on its hind legs while sliding a chair across the floor. Skillfully, the pooch manages to sneak past the room towards the kitchen unaware that his owner is recording the […]

A COLUMNIST is facing backlash from the Indian community after writing a harsh review of their food in a Washington Post op-ed. Now, an Indian model and Top Chef judge Padma Lakshmi clapped back at the author’s food opinion. 2 Washington Post columnist Gene WeingartenCredit: Getty Who is Washington Post columnist Gene Weingarten? Weingarten, 69, is an American syndicated humor columnist at the Washington Post, known for his serious and humorous work. The Bronx native has been a writer at […]

A recent study analyzes agricultural waste streams in Asia and charts a roadmap for establishing alternative textile value streams at scale; while Lenzing puts this into practice with a lyocell fiber made from orange pulp and wood fibers. Ag waste-based textiles a sustainable fashion solution poised for growth A farmer gathers rice straw | Image credit: DoDo Phanthamaly/Pexels As the circular apparel market is projected to reach $77 billion in the next five years and new circular textile innovations seem […]