Eating right is not just for kids! People often associate poor eating behaviors with kids. While many children lack an adequate intake of vegetables and other healthy foods, this problem is not exclusive to the young. Adults, too, may exhibit poor nutritional behaviors that can sabotage good health. How can this be addressed? Read on for helpful tips for adult healthy eating. What should adults eat for better health? Per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), eating plans for […]

A white suburban housewife clad in a lime green leotard finishes her Jane Fonda video workout, rewards herself with a fat-free SnackWell’s devil’s food cookie, then slams back a SlimFast shake before heading to her weekly Weight Watchers meeting. To Gen Z, this scene might read like a comedy sketch, but millennials who came of age in the ‘90s knew that woman. For us, the era’s long-lasting impacts—disordered eating, body dysmorphia, an affinity for packaged foods with purported perks—are the […]