New Jerseyans may remember Paterson native Victor Cruz for scoring touchdowns as a member of the New York Giants, but they’ll soon have reason to know him for more than just football. Krystal Restaurants, a southern-based fast-food chain, announced a partnership with Cruz that will bring the eatery’s first locations to New Jersey. There will be five restaurants called “Victor Cruz’s Krystal,” and they’ll be in the area by the end of 2023, debuting in Cruz’s hometown of Paterson. The […]

The privately-held Baton Rouge, La.-based company has a total of 750 corporate employees, 500 in its Dallas office. Of those, 250 will be going in the field as front-line employees. Another 250 who work as marketers and trainers will shift to restaurant and recruiting jobs. The employees will be housed in hotels for one to two weeks at company expense. Other corporate employees will be working to recruit more workers or will work in one of the company’s more than […]