Will food prices continue to rise in 2022? What share of the retail beef price does the rancher receive? Will the food supply chain crisis escalate this year? How are producers taking advantage of sustainability opportunities? That and more awaits you in this week’s Trending Headlines. Related: Biden-Harris release action plan for meat supply chain 1. “Record beef prices, but ranchers aren’t cashing in” by Peter S. Goodman for The New York Times. “You’re feeding America and going broke doing […]

Social media is awash with aesthetic snapshots of gourmet dishes, boozy brunches and easy-to-follow recipes. You may even come across pictures of bulk-prepped Tupperware meals, takeaway pizza, a meal deal from your local supermarket or simply a latte in a reusable cup – our obsession with food is clear. With this love of all things food comes the ever-growing conversation of the environment, the reasons why we should source food closer to home, and learning how to make the most […]