Lidl is scrapping ‘use by’ dates on brand staple foods starting from this month. The new packaging will be introduced in a bid to cut back on food waste. Lidl will swap ‘use by’ dates for ‘best before’ dates on its own brand yoghurt and fresh milk ranges. The updated milk packaging can already be seen in some stores in England and Wales, with the changes to yoghurt expected from early 2024. Use by dates will be scrapped from packaging […]

Photography by Larry C. Price This story was produced in partnership with the Pulitzer Center. TORICHA, Kenya—If there’s a ring around the sun, it will rain. If the gude bird sings in descending notes, the skies will open. If vultures gather, the showers will begin.  Everyone reads the signs, but they don’t mean what they used to. It’s still not raining. Jala Barako is 85, a grandfather of eight and a member of an ancient nomadic tribe. Today, wearing a […]

A Japanese institute on Thursday (Dec 8) named frozen food as the “dish of the year.” Weird isn’t it? Well, it’s true.  This decision has been taken on purpose neglecting any dessert or fancy food.  Guurnavi Research Institution revealed that frozen meat and pizzas were chosen as the winner to highlight the changing food trends and living in the Asian country, especially after the Covid pandemic, CNN reported.  The previous year’s winners include plant-based dishes or any fancy Chinese cooking.  The institute […]

Water, avocados, nuts and seeds, fatty fish like salmon, and certain oils — which do not currently qualify as “healthy” — could earn the distinction under the new guidelines. The new definition of “healthy” emphasizes whether a food fits into a healthy dietary pattern overall, as opposed to just focusing on a food’s individual nutrients. Salmon, for example, which isn’t considered “healthy” under the current definition because it is high in fat, would earn the new “healthy” distinction because it […]

When you roll through the drive-thru for an egg sandwich or fried chicken, you’re probably thinking about the temperature, maybe the calorie content, or how messy it’ll be to eat in the car. You’re probably not thinking about where the main ingredients came from… but some restaurant executives are recognizing the importance of that for you. Serious change is officially happening in fast food, with four of the most beloved chains having just declared change to a key practice. Last […]