Kraft Foods admitted its fat-free mayonnaise just doesn’t cut the mustard. So the company is discontinuing the product, though other reduced-fat versions of the condiment will remain, according to Today. Kraft first introduced its fat-free mayo in the early ’90s, but the company apparently realized after three decades that it was a bad idea. “Let this be a lesson to you all to not fix what isn’t broken,” a company spokesperson told Kraft announced the condiment cancellation on Tuesday […]

Kraft will no longer sell its fat-free mayo, after deciding that it doesn’t live up to the company standards. In a tweet posted on Tuesday, the brand shared a mock breakup text conversation to make the announcement. “sooooo i’m officially done selling fat-free mayo. i mean it, i’m done,” the company’s Twitter account posted. “instead i’m gonna put my energy into making us the mayo of mayonnaise like i’ve always wanted. consider this my mayo culpa.” A mock text conversation […]