You can listen to more articles from The Conversation, narrated by Noa, here. When it comes to dairy products do you tend to buy full-fat or low-fat products? For many people, going for low-fat options can seem like the “healthier” choice. Indeed, a 2020 survey in the US found that out of 1,000 people questioned, one in three sought out “low fat” or “reduced fat” foods or drinks, with dairy being the most common food category for low–fat options. But […]

﹒ This article is part of our Life With Intention series about high achievers who exemplify intentional living. Eating a healthy diet doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor or your favorite foods, Maya Feller, a registered dietitian nutritionist and adjunct professor of clinical nutrition at NYU, told Insider.  “Some of the common misconceptions that I’ve heard about healthy eating is that people have to abandon their culture in order to eat healthy fully,” Feller said.  “Everyone has a culture, but, for some […]