Summer is the perfect time to add another delicious vegetable to your salad. In today’s recipe for Mediterranean Summer Salad, we’re roasting eggplant with onions and mixing in tomatoes, pine nuts, quinoa and bulgur to create a summer salad that everyone will enjoy. First cultivated in Asia and Africa, eggplant is popular there and in many Mediterranean countries. The plant was first brought to the Americas by the Spaniards and later Thomas Jefferson brought eggplant seeds to the U.S. from […]

My teenage daughter, Dahlia, likes to snack on flakes of sea salt, nibbling them out of hand like tiny potato chips. So, I wasn’t exactly surprised to see her standing over a freshly made batch of anchovy bread crumbs, eating them with a spoon. Salty and crunchy, with a touch of chile-driven heat and a funky hit of umami, they were meant for the pasta I was making later that night. But I had to agree that they were pretty […]