Food trends are constantly popping up online and social media, but some innovative ideas have more staying power than others, especially when born from culinary, sustainable-driven minds. Celebrity chef George Duran joined “Good Morning America” on Thursday to break down a few top food trends that are creating a larger impact on the industry and food system. Companies are finding ways to take imperfect ingredients that consumers don’t want and using them to make other tasty foods and snacks. “Upcycling […]

The food board trend long ago took on a life of its own. We’ve had cheese boards, charcuterie boards, breakfast boards and dessert boards.  Now, there’s the butter board.  The latest craze that’s snaking its way through TikTok and Instagram is all about aesthetically pleasing, shareable spreads. And it’s the idea is piquing the curiosity of many — the TikTok hashtag #ButterBoard had nearly 84 million views as of Monday.  At first, the trend seemed questionable to us. With all the foods you can put […]