Please romaine calm. #GirlDinner has enticed over 247 million views on TikTok, as young women share what they pulled together to consume while watching their favorite show on the couch. Critics are sounding the alarm on the “disturbing new trend,” claiming that the videos showcase too-small portions of food, even though “girl dinners” are often an aesthetic arrangement of cheeses, cold cuts, crackers and fruits (i.e. “snack plates”) or a random assortment of leftovers from the depths of the fridge. […]

Vegan chicken quick-serve restaurants like San Antonio, Texas-based Project Pollo are aiming directly at Chick-fil-A and its fried chicken sandwich as the plant-based meat industry rises against one of fast-food’s recent best-selling menu items. Bloomberg | Bloomberg | Getty Images In an iconic scene from 1970’s film “Five Easy Pieces,” a young Jack Nicholson orders a chicken sandwich without the chicken. The waitress is incredulous. “You want me to hold the chicken?” she retorts. Half a century later, this nix-the-chicken […]