If you’re working toward reaching a healthy weight, grapes can be a tasty, satisfying, and nutritious part of your daily routine. Grapes are low-calorie and low-fat. They make a great snack and can also brighten up a meal. Here’s a look at why grapes are a good food to consider for weight loss. This article will discuss the nutrients in grapes, the research on grapes and weight loss, how to enjoy grapes as part of a healthy diet, and any […]

The new formula for food companies was to take out fat and add masses of sugars to make products more palatable. Fat-free cakes, yoghurts and cereals hit our shelves, while butter gave way to low fat margarine. Sausages and steak were replaced with pasta and rice. Because of its high calorie content, it was believed that eating fat made us fatter and increased our risk of heart disease. To understand how we got to this spectacularly low point in our […]

The cactus spirit also snagged the gold medal at the Denver International Spirits Competition Dry Land Distillers scooped up the prestigious 2023 Good Food Award for its cactus spirit and struck gold at the 2023 Denver International Spirits Competition in the very same week. The Good Food Awards, or GFAs, is a yearly shindig where American craft food producers, farmers and ingredient suppliers come together to celebrate a passion for all things delicious, authentic and responsibly made. The award mirrors […]

Advertising your product as low in fat while the sugar content remains high leaves consumers feeling deceived and less inclined to buy the product, researchers in Germany claim.    According to a new study by Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU), when manufacturers advertise their products as being low in fat, many consumers assume that they also contain less sugar. However, the sugar content of many low-fat products differs little from that of other products. In a paper published in the […]

The product recommendations in this post are recommendations by the writer and/or expert(s) interviewed and do not contain affiliate links. Meaning: If you use these links to buy something, we will not earn a commission. Summer is finally here, which means everyone is passing on warm, baked desserts for scoops of cool, refreshing ice cream. But for those who are also using the summer season to start fresh on some of their health goals, they may feel like they have […]

It’s really hard to say how substantially saturated body fat you ought to take in. Your physique demands some nutritional excess fat, according to the AHA. Excess fat has a wide range of essential functions, which include giving you vitality, helping your cells perform, protecting your organs, making hormones, serving to your overall body take in vitamins, and helping retain you warm. “It’s turn into acknowledged that body fat is not the terrible male,” Taub-Dix states. “Science has proven us […]

If you are someone who faces digestion issues, know that it could primarily be because of the food choices you make. In order to maintain gut health, one needs to consider some healthy options, which includes knowing what to pick over another. Nutritionist Bhakti Kapoor explained in one of her recent Instagram posts that while certain food and drink options are more popular, they do not really do much for digestive health, and one should consciously swap them for something […]

David Leins Subscribe where ever you listen to podcasts: Apple Podcast — Spotify — Google Play — Stitcher — NPR In This Episode: How healthy, plant-based foods can make a difference in Detroit communities Chef Phil Jones on his own connection to the city Subtle and tasty ways to improve your health Jones on utilizing restaurant resources at the outset of COVID to feed thousands How telling the right stories about food can contribute to equity in Black and Brown communities When the pandemic began in spring […]

No matter what holiday you’re planning on celebrating, this weekend is all about feasting.  Ramadan started on April 1 and will run through May 1, Easter weekend will begin on Good Friday, peak on Easter Sunday, and some people informally celebrate what is called Good Monday. Passover starts on Friday as well, and runs for a week.  But even if you’re not a person of faith, it’s likely you’ll end up sharing a meal with your loved ones at some […]

Collagen is a large protein that is used to make the connective tissue, which in turn keeps all the other tissues together. Collagen is present in bones, joints, blood, muscles, and cartilages. It is the most important protein for a healthy-looking skin as it gives it elasticity and strength. Collagen makes up a third of the total body protein. As we grow older, our processes start to slow down and this affects the production of collagen too. Our “modern lifestyles […]