When it comes to Guinness World Records, not all are created equal. Sometimes they’re handed out to people who are really large or dogs that are really small. Other times, recipients need to venture to outer space to qualify. But some Guinness World Records just require a lot of cheese, a lot of butter and a little bit of gold. Since 2014, New York City’s Serendipity3 has laid claim to the Guinness World Record for the world’s most expensive sandwich: […]

Barbecue season may have passed, but all grilling – outdoor or indoor – imparts an addictive smokiness to food. Today’s Turkish salad uses the initial energy of the flames; I love tumbling veg on to a barbecue (or griddle pan), where the high heat cooks them quickly, which helps keep them juicy. And just about everyone loves elotes, a Mexican street food of grilled and dressed sweetcorn. Mind you, everything is better cooked over fire or scorched. Grilled elotes (pictured […]

Chicken is easily the most searched for ingredient on New York Times Cooking, and it stands to reason: It’s economical, it’s widely available, it’s better for the climate than other meats. And it’s endlessly adaptable, a blank canvas for all sorts of preparations and vibrant, delicious seasonings. In the cold weather months, that means cozy soups, braises and burnished roasts. But in the summer, grilling becomes the method of choice, as it gets you out of a hot kitchen, and […]