At a lot just off Highway 101 and Woodside Road, Daniel Ver Linden popped open a 100-pound lid hiding an underground vault, lined with brick, dark, silent. It’s not supposed to be silent. Daniel Ver Linden deals with the aftermath of what people pour into drains or toss into toilets. It’s not pretty. He clicked on a flashlight. The light revealed a grayish mass running the length of the vault, then disappearing down a pipe beyond the light’s reach.    […]

FAO Food items Selling price Index is now only .3 percent higher than a 12 months previously 02/12/2022 Rome – The measure of improvements in entire world meals commodity costs remained mostly continuous in November, with declining global price ranges of cereals, meat and dairy items offsetting escalating quotations for vegetable oils and sugar, the Food and Agriculture Group of the United Nations (FAO) reported Friday.The FAO Food items Price Index, which tracks regular adjustments in the intercontinental charges of […]