Rishi Nigam, CEO of Franklin Junction, the restaurant e-commerce growth platform that unlocks access for brands to untapped customer demand. getty It seems like only yesterday that delivery food was mostly limited to Chinese food and pizza. But in the years since 2017, as we’ve shifted to a digital-first mentality, food delivery has tripled in value and grown into a $150 billion global industry. In the U.S. market, food delivery more than doubled during Covid-19 alone. There was a huge […]

TikTok is opening ghost kitchens across the country to serve dishes made popular by the social media app. A total of 300 TikTok restaurant locations are planned for March, with 1,000 expected by the end of 2022. TikTok said it plans to reinvest its profits into food creators and culinary talent on the platform. Loading Something is loading. For die-hard foodies who love scrolling through cooking videos on social media, TikTok is serving up a new ghost kitchen restaurant concept […]

KANSAS CITY — The food delivery service DoorDash made a splash in late 2019 with the introduction of its first ghost kitchen in Redwood City, Calif. Nearly two years and one pandemic later, restaurant industry investment in off-premises concepts is accelerating and will create new opportunities and pressures for food and beverage product developers. Research published by the National Restaurant Association (NRA) in 2019 found off-premises dining accounted for 60% of foodservice occasions, and nearly 80% of restaurant operators said […]