The study, carried out by a team based at Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) and published in the International Journal of Food Science & Technology investigated how ‘healthy option’ packaging labels feed into shoppers’ subconscious, sparking a range of behaviours which can lead to consuming more calories than they think. Faced with a bewildering array of food choices, the study found time poor shoppers tend to place trust in the ‘at a glance’ front of package messages rather than reading the […]

One of the biggest obstacles to the uptake of plant-based alternatives to meat is their very dry and astringent feel when they are eaten.  Scientists, led by professor Anwesha Sarkar at the University of Leeds, are revolutionizing the sensation of plant proteins, transforming them from a substance that can be experienced as gloopy and dry to one that is juicy and fat like. Subscribe to our free Food Science Tools & Techniques newsletter. And the only substance they are adding […]

These diet foods could be making you fat. Or at least not helping you lose weight. It is estimated that 45 million Americans go on a diet every year, spending $33 billion on weight loss products annually, according to the Boston Medical Center. And yet, nearly three quarters of Americans are overweight or obese, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. This disconnect could be down to the way we are dieting. “The diet industry makes billions of dollars […]

While it’s important to be conscious of how much we’re eating, where those calories are coming from is arguably more important.   “It’s an old-school approach. ­Weighing out food is just a miserable existence,” says Pearson. “Things like Bran Flakes and Ryvita simply don’t fill you up and satisfy you in the same way protein does.” When we don’t get enough protein, and instead base our meals around starchy carbohydrates, it can lead to blood sugar fluctuations. This can result […]

Instagram is filled with pages of food bloggers who travel in different parts of the world to capture people making various kinds of foods. From people making unique dishes to recreating known dishes in different ways, there are varied videos that are regularly shared on Instagram. One such video shared by food blogger Rekib Alam has left people irked. The video shows a man preparing dosa in an usual way. The clip has prompted netizens to say that the man’s […]

By Wendy Coschignano FordFor Positively Osceola March is recognized as National Nutrition Month®, an annual campaign focused on nutrition education. Created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the observance focuses on the importance of developing good eating habits, making informed food choices, and providing education on the importance of a regimented physical activity schedule. Nutrition is a critical component to health and longevity. Balanced nutrition is linked to a stronger immune system while lowering the risk of non-communicable illnesses […]

Logging thousands of miles a week as a traveling salesman across the Midwest, Farmer’s Fridge founder Luke Saunders had an epiphany over a stale granola bar and bag of popcorn. What if fresh, healthy food could be as accessible as a candy bar? Despite zero previous experience in the food industry, Saunders decided to create a smart vending machine that served salads in recyclable plastic jars. That innovation is now evident in everything from their test kitchen in the Fulton […]

Kraft Foods admitted its fat-free mayonnaise just doesn’t cut the mustard. So the company is discontinuing the product, though other reduced-fat versions of the condiment will remain, according to Today. Kraft first introduced its fat-free mayo in the early ’90s, but the company apparently realized after three decades that it was a bad idea. “Let this be a lesson to you all to not fix what isn’t broken,” a company spokesperson told Kraft announced the condiment cancellation on Tuesday […]