When it comes to chips, burgers, pizza or momos – these foods will have plenty of takers among children. But can healthy fruits and vegetables find the same level of enthusiasm? New parents would agree that feeding small children healthy food can be a huge task. There are plenty of innovative techniques that parents use to disguise fresh fruits and vegetables as something delicious. If you can resonate with this struggle, we have found the ultimate video for you. In […]

In the now-viral video, a young Russian soldier can be seen sipping some tea and consuming bread as he tries to calm himself down Screengrab from the video. Credit: Twitter/@ChristopherJM Amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict, a heart-warming video is currently making headlines, showcasing how people are coming out to help each other in times of need, irrespective of the animosity between their countries. The clip shows Ukrainian citizens providing food to a Russian soldier amid the war around them. This heart-warming […]