The global population is expected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050, the United Nations (UN) reports. With the growth of people worldwide comes added pressures for food supply, security and the systems managing the supply chain behind them. “It’s clear our current food systems are unsustainable,” ​James Petrie, CEO of Australian food tech company Nourish Ingredients, told FoodNavigator. Research data indicates that 77% of agricultural land is used to grow animals despite providing only 18% of calories and 37% of […]

Together the duo are creating a “one-stop shop or scaling up fermentation production,” which has been notoriously limited, with the ultimate goal of making plant proteins more “authentic” and appealing to consumers, company co-founder and CEO James Petrie told FoodNavigator-USA. By improving the consumer experience of plant-based protein with the addition of flavorful specialty fats, Petrie says Nourish can help the category overcome the current “backlash” of consumers who are eager to try their products but ultimately are unsatisfied with […]

Dive Brief: Cell-based meat company Vow is partnering with Nourish Ingredients, a company that makes animal fats through precision fermentation. The two Australian companies will blend their products together, adding fats to cell-based meat so the end product more accurately reflects the taste and mouthfeel of meat from an animal. Vow co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer Tim Noakesmith said in a written statement that fat is “part of what makes meat irresistible,” and it has been missing from many alternative proteins. “We’re […]