LONDON — Hoxton Farms, a company that produces animal-free cultivated fat, has opened a pilot plant in London. The new facility is 14,000 square feet and features cell culturing laboratories, a food development kitchen and office space. “It’s no secret that the traditional meat industry is broken, but consumers are disappointed when they seek quality alternatives,” said Max Jamilly, co-founder of Hoxton Farms. “But as people turn away from meat because of concerns over health, environmental impact, or animal welfare, […]

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — The dieter’s dream of unwanted fat-absolutely free whipped product has develop into a actuality — many thanks to beer and plants? University of Copenhagen researchers have replaced milk unwanted fat with germs to build a prototype fats-free of charge, sustainable whipped cream. At this time, standard whipped cream contains 38 percent saturated extra fat, essential to provide the airy and stiff consistencies. To create an option, the workforce productively built on their get the job done of […]

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL — Walnut chorizo tacos and mushroom-based jerky are among the emerging trends experts at Tastewise are keeping an eye on. Sausage accounts for 34% of plant-based meat consumption, making it the most replicated form of meat, according to Tastewise’s latest alternative proteins report. Soy and pea are among the primary ingredients for plant-based sausage products and are showing up in a growing number of offerings from brands such as Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat, Nestle USA’s Sweet Earth […]

KANSAS CITY — Surging, emerging and flourishing all could describe the plant protein category. Pea protein continues to increase in popularity and may keep surging for the rest of this decade. Other protein sources, like lupin bean, are emerging, and plant protein sales in general are flourishing. Selecting the appropriate protein source for baked foods applications may depend on price, nutrition and flavor. Soy protein is an example of a cost-effective option, and almond protein’s flavor may please consumers. US […]