I loved the ’90s: I loved the pogs, the Beanie Babies, and the Spice Girls. The music, the shows (“Beavis and Butthead,” “VH1: Behind the Music,” etc.) and even the food was legendary. Who remembers those floaty things in Orbitz (long before the boba craze hit the U.S.), Crystal Pepsi, or doing some spring cleaning of your colon with Wow! chips? But not everything from that time was “da bomb.” If you recall, you had to buy minutes for your phone, smoking […]

A new government analyze reveals that 3 out of 4 Americans have no concept what the government’s MyPlate dietary guidebook is. The research, Awareness of the MyPlate System: United States, 2017–March 2020, posted last 7 days by the Facilities for Illness Control’s Countrywide Centre for Wellness Stats, suggests that MyPlate, the a lot-ballyhooed successor to the USDA’s Food items Pyramid, is just about unfamiliar amongst the having community. “Far more than a decade immediately after Agriculture Division officers ditched the pyramid, handful of Individuals have […]