Good morning. There’s some very nice writing about recipes in The New York Times Magazine this week, not surprisingly under the byline of Ligaya Mishan. Her subject is a hummus recipe (above), dating back to 13th century Syria, that Lucien Zayan of the Invisible Dog Art Center in Brooklyn served at a dinner series he runs, la Salle A Manger. We don’t have a lot of recipes that are so old. In fact, Ligaya reports, there is no documentation of […]

The only way to fully appreciate the Summer Fancy Food Show, the massive gourmet trade expo held annually at the Jacob Javits Center in New York, is to put on your walking shoes and shelve preexisting opinions you might have about cinnamon churro-flavored pork rinds. With more than 2,000 vendors set up over 300,000 square feet on two levels, it’s the rare occasion where you can simultaneously triple both your daily step count and caloric intake. The show, which just […]

Social media web-sites like Twitter and Instagram are hubs for the all the most current meals traits, but TikTok in individual proceeds to provide about incredibly exciting culinary creations. We are all wanting for means to spice up our meals or just have a small pleasurable in the kitchen area, which is why it is really no shock that #foodtiktok pulled in 106.6 billion views in 2022. But some foods traits reigned supreme and raked in the most sights on […]

Two of the biggest (and brightest) summer food trends are in the soup. Chef Pii’s Pink Sauce which caused a frenzy across social media for its chic, millennial pink base is being called out for being potentially hazardous. Cowboy caviar has made Twitter mad because apparently, the Instagram-approved salad appropriates a popular Mexican salad.  Here’s breaking down the two debates that are taking the food world by storm at the moment. Pink Sauce = Barbiecore pepto Bismol? When Veronica Shaw […]

There’s the fantasy: cooking a party spread for friends, or even just dinner on any given night. And then there’s the reality: getting home late because of traffic or meetings that run long, or simply losing the motivation to make a whole meal from scratch because of the overwhelming desire to lie on the grass (or the couch) a little while longer. When that happens, a fridge filled with homemade sauces offers the promise of a nearly effortless meal. The […]