Good morning. There’s some very nice writing about recipes in The New York Times Magazine this week, not surprisingly under the byline of Ligaya Mishan. Her subject is a hummus recipe (above), dating back to 13th century Syria, that Lucien Zayan of the Invisible Dog Art Center in Brooklyn served at a dinner series he runs, la Salle A Manger. We don’t have a lot of recipes that are so old. In fact, Ligaya reports, there is no documentation of […]

Chef notes The explanation I like this recipe is since it’s tremendous quick, flavorful and spicy, and it really packs an umami punch. Make you a few to four of these wraps for a tremendous gratifying, protein-packed food. Approach tip: Cook shrimp separately from ground turkey to reduce shrimp from overcooking. Cornstarch helps to thicken sauce. To avoid lettuce wraps from slipping aside, use 2 lettuce leaves for each serving. Swap selection: You can swap out floor turkey for ground […]