Collagen is a large protein that is used to make the connective tissue, which in turn keeps all the other tissues together. Collagen is present in bones, joints, blood, muscles, and cartilages. It is the most important protein for a healthy-looking skin as it gives it elasticity and strength. Collagen makes up a third of the total body protein. As we grow older, our processes start to slow down and this affects the production of collagen too. Our “modern lifestyles […]

Remember that old saying, “you are what you eat,” which is the basis of good skin color and overall health. Our choice of food and beverages affects all major body systems including the heart, brain and skin. Going to the grocery store or visiting the farmer’s market there are plenty of healthy foods that can boost your appearance, as well as, offer some protection from the rays of the sun. Remember, your skin health is dependent on how well you […]