Meal-prepping is a time and cost-efficient way to make healthy, filling meals with a tight budget and cramped schedule. Before the week ramps up, Sunday nights can provide a perfect time for meal-preppers to make sure their week is filled with hearty meals for several days of the week. New York City-based chef and entrepreneur Michael Chernow, creator of Kreatures of Habit, provided “Good Morning America” with an easy Sunday meal-prep plan. Lara Spencer joined by chef Michael Chernow on […]

In The Know by Yahoo Man calls out mom over her ‘manipulative’ holiday dinner plans Man calls out mom over her ‘manipulative’ holiday dinner plans. A husband is at odds with his family over his wife’s food allergies. He consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for help. His wife can’t eat gluten or dairy without getting sick. This means that he has to cook holiday dinners at home. When he refused to attend his family’s Canadian Thanksgiving dinner because […]