CONSUMER TRENDS … Key differences in food sustainability and values emerge between generations PUBLISHED ON January 11, 2024 In the latest Consumer Food Insights Report, Joseph Balagtas, professor of agricultural economics at Purdue University and director of the Center for Food Demand and Analysis, asked consumers to decide about discarding or consuming a food item based on different hypothetical “use by” dates. (Purdue Agricultural Communications photo/Tom Campbell) WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Building off the previous month’s survey, the December 2023 Consumer […]

With schedules zooming around like crazy, families continue to take advantage of premade meals sold at grocery stores. The trend is not losing any gas, and grocery stores are capitalizing. According to the 2023 Supermarket News Fresh Food Trends Survey, 65% of respondents said they will increase their assortment of prepared foods over the next 12 months. Additionally, when asked how much space they plan to devote to each perimeter department in the coming year, 46% said they plan to […]

WEST LAFAYETTE (AP) — Purdue’s May Consumer Food Insights observed food spending at its highest level since the report’s inception, with consumers spending six to seven percent more on food now than they were a year ago. The survey assesses food spending, consumer satisfaction and values, support of agricultural and food policies, and trust in information sources. The report also tracked an uptick in food insecurity rates. Some highlights of the insights include Food insecurity being up to 16 percent but […]

The Sacramento International Airport could become the destination for a lot of new restaurants, bars or cafes in the next couple of years as it prepares for a revamp. But first, the community is getting a chance to weigh in.The public can share their thoughts on what food and drink options should be available at SMF with this survey here.”In 2024, we will have about 30,000 square feet of space that’s going to be reopened,” said Stephen Clark, deputy director […]