Police claimed Monday they have arrested a Denver gentleman suspected of a racist and homophobic rant from two people today at a San Ramon rapid-foods restaurant on Xmas Eve. Jordan Douglas Krah, 40, allegedly harassed the diners at the In-N-Out Burger on San Ramon Valley Boulevard as they were being filming on their own seeking various dishes. A TikTok video that captured the exchange demonstrates the pair seeking various menu goods, when anyone guiding the camera claims “You’re filming on […]

(FOX NEWS) — Texas authorities say an armed customer intervened during the attempted robbery of a fried chicken fast food restaurant, fatally wounding one gunman and sending a second suspect struck by gunfire to the hospital. Port Arthur police responded around 8:45 p.m. Friday to an aggravated robbery happening at the Church’s Chicken location at 1849 Jefferson Drive. Detectives learned that two suspects armed with handguns were robbing the restaurant, but an armed citizen intervened and a shootout ensued.   “Several shots were fired and […]