MirrorTissue was designed by the European arm of Colombian multinational Alianza Team, in collaboration with Italian plant-based food developer Hi-Food (part of Luxembourg-based CSM Ingredients).   The advanced version of MirrorTissue combines Alianza Team’s plant-based fats with Hi-Food’s proprietary proteins and plant fibres, which, it says, enhances the protein’s stability.   “Today MirrorTissue comprises a group of oil-based solutions designed to mimic the functional, structural, and sensory attributes that animal extra-muscular adipose tissue provides, by improving the texture of meat analog […]

INDIANAPOLIS — A piemaker with a shop in Indianapolis emerged victorious after a pie face-off with a Key West opponent on CBS’s The Talk. Clarissa Morley, owner of Pots & Pans Pie Co. in Indy, put her Hoosier Pie to the test against a Key Lime Pie from Kermit’s Key West Key Lime Shoppe. The Indiana versus Flordia pie showdown took place on The Talk’s Food Face-Off that aired on Friday. Clarissa’s pie in the challenge is her take on […]

According to Cooking Light, the criteria for eating healthy foods are eating wholesome, nutritious foods that promote good health; eating more plant-based foods and less meat; eat minimally processed foods, as close to their natural state; taking account the responsibility of using our earth’s resources; highlighting foods that may improve gut health, which in turn helps prevent diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, and enhance the immune system; experience new global cuisines, many of them being vegetarian; and […]