Nothing quite says summer in the food world like tomato season. Whether it’s homegrown picked and eaten straight off the vine, or a perfectly plump, juicy farmers market find, the fruit commonly misidentified as a vegetable is the perfect summertime ingredient. While the current growing season has been a bit off in some areas around the U.S., the vibrant fruits are finally at their peak, which to many chefs and home cooks signals the start of something delicious — tomato […]

Perhaps you’ve already excitedly made gazpacho and pico de gallo and maybe even prepared a batch of red sauce for the freezer, but those perfectly ripe (and fresh) summer tomatoes at the market sure are tempting. So you lug home another few pounds of them, unable to resist but without a plan. Good news: New York Times Cooking has plenty. Below are more than a dozen recipes that put the quintessential fruit of the season front and center, so you […]