The rise of social media has paved the way for the rise (and fall) of endless viral food trends across the internet. With many of these originating as Youtube, Instagram, and Tiktok food videos reach peak popularity, these trends are ever evolving reflections of pop culture. While some sound genuinely delicious and may have changed appetites for the better, the vast majority are more than questionable. Below, we revisit some of the internet’s most memorable food trends. Challenge Trends The […]

If you’re looking for recipe inspiration, there’s no better place to start than on social media—especially TikTok. The video-sharing platform is chock-full of cooking hacks, original recipes, and unique twists on classic dishes. Last year, cloud bread, baked oats, and charcuterie boards were just some of the many viral food trends that dominated TikTok. This year, a new group of recipes infiltrated the social media platform, racking up copious views, likes, and comments. These trends span across multiple categories, including snacks, […]

User “arisefromthemmidst” remarked: “Just about every person has talent in them regardless (of) who he or she is!” A range of other customers joked that this should be the reason their food get comes cold sometime, for the reason that the delivery rider may well have been distracted by a piano along the way. Fellow TikToker “mun” quipped in Malay: “I would depart you a idea even if you did not provide foodstuff to me.” A fast scroll by way […]

In an age when social media influences just about every aspect of our daily lives, TikTok has become an increasingly popular way for consumers to get food ideas. While it’s difficult to know which TikTok food videos, also known as #FoodTok, will go viral, Instacart is taking a look at whether or not these trends are translating to more grocery purchases. Instacart analyzed its own purchase data to find out how much of the viral #FoodTok content and its ingredients […]

The food board trend long ago took on a life of its own. We’ve had cheese boards, charcuterie boards, breakfast boards and dessert boards.  Now, there’s the butter board.  The latest craze that’s snaking its way through TikTok and Instagram is all about aesthetically pleasing, shareable spreads. And it’s the idea is piquing the curiosity of many — the TikTok hashtag #ButterBoard had nearly 84 million views as of Monday.  At first, the trend seemed questionable to us. With all the foods you can put […]

When it comes to chips, burgers, pizza or momos – these foods will have plenty of takers among children. But can healthy fruits and vegetables find the same level of enthusiasm? New parents would agree that feeding small children healthy food can be a huge task. There are plenty of innovative techniques that parents use to disguise fresh fruits and vegetables as something delicious. If you can resonate with this struggle, we have found the ultimate video for you. In […]

Bizarre food experiments are not new on social media. There have been hundreds of strange food fusions, mostly by roadside vendors, that may not seem palatable to a lot of netizens. However, there are still some people brave enough to try dishes like mango Maggi or rasgulla chaat. The latest addition to the list is ‘chocolate pakode’. A video of a woman making fritters out of chocolate was posted on Instagram and it is going viral. She is seen opening […]

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Having chicken for dinner? If so, sear it, fry it or braise it but do not cook it in NyQuil, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) warns. The cautioning comes after a recent social media challenge that encourages viewers to cook chicken in NyQuil (acetaminophen, dextromethorphan, and doxylamine) or another similar OTC cough and cold medication, presumably to eat.  Wellness Wednesday: How to spot the signs of suicide in loved ones, how to help “Boiling […]

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! TikTok won’t settle for regular toast.  As of late, users of the video-sharing app have moved on to “pizza toast.”  The trendy dish is similar to that of French bread pizza, Focaccia bread pizza and other thick crust iterations in that it skips uncooked dough and is made with pre-baked bread.  ‘CUSTARD TOAST’ IS THE NEW VIRAL BREAKFAST FOOD TREND: TRY THE RECIPES ‘Pizza toast’ is the latest TikTok food trend that […]

TikTok is opening ghost kitchens across the country to serve dishes made popular by the social media app. A total of 300 TikTok restaurant locations are planned for March, with 1,000 expected by the end of 2022. TikTok said it plans to reinvest its profits into food creators and culinary talent on the platform. Loading Something is loading. For die-hard foodies who love scrolling through cooking videos on social media, TikTok is serving up a new ghost kitchen restaurant concept […]