Whether it’s fried, baked, shredded and used in tacos, or added to your favorite noodle dishes, chicken is a tasty way to add more protein to your meal. And while you can, of course, go out to your favorite restaurant and order your favorite chicken-centered dish, it’s hard to find healthier options when eating out that isn’t full of extra fat and sodium from the oils and other ingredients added. For a solution that still gives you plenty of opportunity […]

Ground beef is one of those ingredients that, for those who eat meat, is a super easy start to a wonderful weeknight meal. When shopping at the grocery store, it’s ideal to buy ground beef in bulk when it’s on sale, freeze it and properly defrost it when the craving strikes. Especially with price inflation for items like beef and pork, many experts advise keeping tabs on stores’ sales to help with cost-cutting. That way, you don’t have to omit […]

The temperature is dropping, the snow is falling and there’s nothing like a hot, cozy meal to warm us up. Whether those icy roads are keeping everyone home or the school and work week is in full swing, having a few quick and easy recipes to turn to tonight is the answer. The answer to what you may ask? Well, the answer to defrosting those chilly toes and fingertips; to nourishing the mind, body and soul with hot, soothing flavors; […]

The other day, my younger daughter, who is not quite 2, was given a piece of homemade blueberry pie. She screamed in agony. How dare someone offer her pie! As of now, my children are both picky and mercurial about food, a terrible combination. This is very annoying, and very common: One of the questions I get asked most often through this newsletter is what to feed kids who won’t eat anything. (Another one: what to pack for school lunches. […]