Home > Foodservice Study: Italian Cuisine Most Popular Worldwide, Edging Japanese Restaurant customers appear to be as intrigued as ever by exploring foreign flavors – with a specific focus on Italian cuisine. A new study confirms as much; The Picky Eater website analyzed the world’s most popular cuisines and dishes and revealed that Italian cuisine (highlighted by pizza, pasta, and risotto) is the most popular, followed by Japanese and Indian food. “The popularity of international cuisine is rising, with many […]

Google lately printed its ‘Year in research 2022’ list. Every year, the tech giant publishes a list to share what people have been sharing – both equally globally and in person international locations. One of the sections on the checklist aspects the foods recipes that persons searched the most through the year. And this 12 months, a paneer dish topped the chart globally. Any guesses? It’s Paneer Pasanda. According to the list, it was through April that individuals searched for […]