A longing for authenticity. An urge to protect the planet and embrace nature. An itch to spice things up. These are the modern sentiments shaping what will show up on our plates and in our glasses in 2024, according to experts who forecast food trends. We asked nearly a dozen industry insiders—from chefs to a food futurologist—what to expect in the year ahead for food and drink. Here’s what they said. An emphasis on global flavors Even if you don’t […]

Retailers have already made their big stock bets for Christmas, and the coming weeks will reveal customers’ appetites for the big day. Speciality Food delves into the data to see what the latest research reveals about purchasing behaviours. ‘Festive feeling’ expected to boost sales With inflation and the cost-of-living crisis still in the headlines, it won’t be a surprise to retailers that just over half, or 51%, of customers say they plan to keep a stricter budget this Christmas due […]

Christmas is a great time of year, isn’t it? As a child in New Zealand, I found it so exciting to sit at a big table that was beautifully laid with candles, tangerines and walnuts. My mother used to send us out to chop down the Christmas tree, so we’d go off, find a sappy pine, saw it down and carry it home. The tree is still very important to me. Fergus and I have been collecting decorations forever There’s […]

I am biting into a drumstick that took three years to make. It is a piece of plant-based protein, fashioned into the likeness of a chicken leg, complete with a faux bone (edible), and glazed with something wet and brown. The bone is brittle and strangely sweet, the flesh a little chewy and rubbery. But the glaze has an unmistakably creamy, mouth-coating texture, just like chicken fat. It is remarkably familiar. Boringly predictable. It tastes, as they say, like chicken. […]

Chickpeas are a great choice in budget cooking, and there is so much more to them than hummus. I stipulate a cooked weight for today’s recipes, and by far the easiest option is to use drained tinned chickpeas, but I much prefer soaking and cooking dried ones, because you can impart more flavour into them. That said, the cooking time can be as much as an hour, so I understand why they put some people off. To get around this, […]

Summer is not a time for spending too long in the kitchen. Cook we must, though, as eat we always will, so here are some dishes to make you want to get cooking, quickly, before getting out, just as quickly, eating well and then assuming a horizontal position somewhere under a tree. Harissa pilchards with zingy herb salsa (pictured top) Tinned fish makes one of easiest, tastiest, quickest and most cost-effective meals, and I often use it straight from the […]

Last year, cocktail culture and the trend of home bars swept the globe in a big way – people around the world got together to take fun sips seriously – turning towards experimenting with flavourful, vibrant, and consciously sourced cocktails. As consumers rediscovered their love for classic cocktails, or explored rave recipes – their love for cocktails resounded loud and clear. This year, we can expect this love affair to only grow deeper. If you’re one of the many looking […]

Executive Summary Introduction 1. From 1st July to 23rd September 2022, the Scottish Government undertook a public consultation to invite views on its proposed approach for restricting promotions of food and drink that are high in fat, sugar or salt (HFSS), as a means of changing the food environment that encourages the public to purchase more than they need and to over-consume less healthy food. 2. The aim of the consultation was to gain some sense of the balance of […]

Root veg and stout stew with dumplings (pictured top) This hearty and comforting dish is perfect for an evening meal during the colder months. Prep 20 minCook 1 hr 15 minServes 4–6 2 tbsp olive oil2 large onions, finely sliced150g chestnut mushrooms, halved1 heaped tbsp plain flour2 carrots, peeled and cut into large chunks2 parsnips, peeled and cut into large chunks½ swede (about 400g), peeled and cut into large chunks½ celeriac (about 500g), peeled and cut into large chunks150g pearl […]

Bbrowse and butter pudding: so easy, so comforting. For the most aspect I very like a conventional one particular, but throughout the festive year, I’m far more than happy to crack a couple procedures. The cranberries bring a welcome burst of color and a mouth watering tartness that cuts by means of all the things wealthy. And December is almost certainly the only time of 12 months that I’ll happily consume marzipan, so I’ve snuggled a couple of nuggets into […]