Drink up in style! Know the list of world’s most sought after cocktails of 2023

Last year, cocktail culture and the trend of home bars swept the globe in a big way – people around the world got together to take fun sips seriously – turning towards experimenting with flavourful, vibrant, and consciously sourced cocktails. As consumers rediscovered their love for classic cocktails, or explored rave recipes – their love for cocktails resounded loud and clear.

This year, we can expect this love affair to only grow deeper. If you’re one of the many looking to stay updated on the latest creations in modern mixology – we’ve got you covered.

Bacardi has released the fourth edition of its global Cocktail Trends Report 2023, which spotlights this year’s top 20 most sought-after lip-smacking cocktails that consumers fell in love with. From age-old classics to contemporary delicacies, we’re diving deep into the top 10 of these serves to help you be a well-rounded cocktail connoisseur.

Tis’ the season of #CocktailExperiments as the list for the top ten features:

1. Mojitos

2. Daiquiris

3. Vodka Soda

4. Bloody Mary

5. Gin & Tonic

6. Pina Coladas

7. Whisky Highball

8. Rum and Coke

9. Cosmopolitan

Sameeksha Uniyal, Senior Brand Lead, BACARDI India & South East Asia, says: “As per the recent Cocktail Trends Report 2023 by Bacardi – a cocktail experimental revolution is taking over the spirits industry today. As consumers shift their focus to enjoyment, they are driving the demand for fun cocktail experiences – making rum-based cocktails in a variety of exciting and distinct flavours as the top choices for cocktail enthusiasts across the globe. We are looking forward to discovering how these rum-based cocktails will continue to excite the evolving palate of Indian consumers this year.”

‘New year, new tastes’ has never been truer for the spirits industry, with nearly one-third (30%) of global consumers expressing their intent to buy a drink driven purely by their curiosity about its flavours. As flavours become a favourite – vodka-based cocktails in a variety of different flavours and palates will be an exciting option for adventurous consumers this year. With favourites like the simple yet elegant Vodka Soda (#1), tomato and paprika spiced Bloody Mary (#4), and zesty Cosmopolitans (#10) bubbling with cranberry juice, featuring on the list, this will surely be the year for a variety of vodka-based concoctions to gain an even larger following.

There is always more avenue to experiment with sophisticated sips, Whisky Highball (#8) securing the in the eighth position.

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Vijay Dev, Category Lead – Whiskies, Bacardi in India, says: “More consumers across the world seem to be opening up to experimentation when it comes to their whiskies – making Whisky Highballs as this year’s eighth most sought-after drink in the world as per the latest Cocktails Trends Report 2023 by Bacardi. Keeping in line with this global trend, we are witnessing a similar shift in India where whisky drinkers are showing a preference for whisky being consumed with soda. India is home to the largest market for whisky globally, we are constantly keeping a tab on new consumer trends in the whisky-drinking space. With our eyes set on establishing the Whisky portfolio from Bacardi as a major player in the brown spirits industry in the coming 5 years, we are extremely thrilled to see how this growing love for Whisky Highballs unfolds as we innovate more products and experiences to excite the country’s vibrant and dynamic whisky loving community year-on-year.”

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