Chicken wings, chili, chips with dip, sliders and other beloved game day snacks are synonymous with Super Bowl Sunday for good reason. Whether you’re on team tried-and-true crowd pleasing appetizers or are opting to test out a new viral food trend this year, “Good Morning America” has what you need to craft a foolproof culinary game plan ahead of kickoff in Las Vegas on Feb. 11. Buffalo chicken stuffed biscuits for football season. Jaymee Sire Dust off your Crockpot, plug […]

As 2023 comes to a close, experts have reviewed what culinary consumers loved and latched onto to help predict what food trends may be in store for 2024. Companies with insights into consumer habits from Whole Foods Market to Pinterest have published forecasts for the year ahead, and rather than just recite them, “Good Morning America” enlisted a few key players in the industry to share a taste of what they see standing out from the selections, and how to […]

Interested in Slimming World? You’re not alone. With 13,000 weekly groups and 700,000 members across the UK and Ireland, Slimming World – despite being founded back in 1969 – remains one of the most popular (and famous) weight loss clubs around. And since many of us are trapped in a junk food cycle, with figures showing some 28 per cent of the population is now obese (one of the highest rates in Europe FYI), leaning on an external organisation can […]

Comfort food isn’t just delicious, it’s important. A significant dish can remind us of family, friends, or fond childhood memories, and a shared meal can help foster community and new human connections. Comfort food even lives up to its name by helping to soothe feelings of sadness and anxiety. (Really. The science backs it up.) It also does what all good food should and leaves us feeling full, satisfied, and nourished. Vegan comfort food is no different, and these 21 […]

These flavorful breakfasts are seriously worth waking up for. Whether you’re in the mood for overnight oats, omelet muffins or freezer burritos, these dishes take minimal time to reheat or put together in the morning. Plus, they each offer at least 15 grams of protein per serving to help you stay energized and satisfied until your next meal. Recipes like our Greens-&-Gruyère Mini Quiches and Breakfast Blueberry-Oatmeal Cakes are easy ways to keep breakfast simple, nourishing and delicious. Carrot Cake […]

Meal-prepping is a time and cost-efficient way to make healthy, filling meals with a tight budget and cramped schedule. Before the week ramps up, Sunday nights can provide a perfect time for meal-preppers to make sure their week is filled with hearty meals for several days of the week. New York City-based chef and entrepreneur Michael Chernow, creator of Kreatures of Habit, provided “Good Morning America” with an easy Sunday meal-prep plan. Lara Spencer joined by chef Michael Chernow on […]

Lentil recipes aren’t just dinner inspiration; they’re a way to make the most of a well-stocked pantry. (And often fix a meal without a trip to the store.) Lentils can fortify simple soups and add texture to pasta sauces. Mix these quick-cooking legumes with quinoa, cabbage, and a lemony dressing, and you’ve got a tote-anywhere lunch that you’ll actually look forward to. Toss whatever mix of dals you have on hand into your Instant Pot with pearl barley, rice, and […]

If you fall victim to the dreaded “what’s for dinner?” question when you’re on a weight loss journey, we hear ya. It can be overwhelming to meal prep and plan ahead, especially at the end of a long day. Good news, though! We did the hard part for you and rounded up tons of delicious recipes—48 to be exact—that will support your weight loss efforts and keep you happy, healthy, and satisfied. First, a few pointers. A healthy dinner should […]

Sometimes low and slow is the way to go. Spending all day at the stove isn’t always realistic, or even necessary, especially when you have a slow-cooker to do the heavy lifting.  The beloved kitchen appliance takes the tedium out of so many recipes, requiring minimal prep as the electronic device leisurely heats, cooks and warms your food.  Often synonymous with potlucks and easy weeknight dinners, slow-cooker recipes have soared to new heights. Alongside traditional favorites such as mac and […]

Cabbage may be one of the most humble vegetables, but it’s also one of the easiest to spruce up into something warm, homey, and comforting — but also worthy of center stage. And what’s the best way you can improve that sad head of cabbage? Frying it, of course. First, there’s lots of butter (all the best recipes have plenty of butter), then bacon, garlic, celery, bell peppers, and onions. We’re building a solid flavor base here. Next is the […]