Russian ships and sea mines block Ukrainian Black Sea ports. Before the war, Ukraine exported on average about 6 million tons of agri-commodities monthly to countries in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. Currently, only about 15 to 20 percent of this volume can be exported via rail, Danube river, and trucks (about 700,000 tons in April 2022 and about 1 million tons in May 2022). Also, trade risks related to Russian exports have been increasing due to sanctions by […]

Russia’s war on Ukraine has sent food prices skyrocketing, leaving millions at risk of going hungry. Here’s everything you need to know: Why the food shortage? The Russian invasion and the sanctions on Moscow that followed have dramatically reduced the production of crops and fertilizer in Russia and Ukraine, driving vulnerable areas in the Middle East and Africa to the brink of famine. The two large countries are both major producers of wheat, corn, and barley, while Russia and Belarus […]

Some fast-food chains are trying to convert customers into staff, an Outmatch executive said. Amid the labor shortage, they are offering free food to potential hires, Kelly Ann McGrath said. Applebee’s, for example, offered free appetizers to applicants during its national hiring day. Loading Something is loading. Some companies like fast-food chains are offering free food and discounts to convert customers into new hires during the labor shortage, a hiring executive said. “A lot of our restaurant clients have been […]