Beat The Heat With This Indulgent Kulfi Recipe By Chef Kunal Kapur

Summer is the season of chomping on frozen desserts. When it gets difficult to beat the heat, kulfi instantly comes to our rescue during this time of the year. We all have grown up gorging on a variety of kulfis in the summer season. Apart from its flavours, there’s also a sense of nostalgia associated with this special delight. Smooth, buttery and sweet kulfis are bound to lift the mood on a dull and tiring day. A full-fledged dinner followed by a delectable kulfi gives us a complete meal experience. So, have you started thinking of kulfis already? Celebrity chef Kunal Kapur has shared a delicious recipe of malai kulfi on Instagram.         

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1) Milk (full cream)

2) Sugar

3) Cardamom powder (optional)

4) Pista – a handful

How to prepare malai kulfi?

1) Take a pan and put the given amount of full cream milk in it. Now, cook it further and you can use a ladle if you want.  

2) Whatever amount of milk you take, cook it till it reduces to one-third of the amount. After it starts boiling, wait until it becomes thicker.

3) Once you get the desired consistency, remove it from the stove and add sugar, cardamom powder and a handful of pista.

4) Fill the kulfi moulds one after the other. Keep the filled moulds in a deep freezer.

5) When they become semi-frozen, insert a stick in all the moulds respectively. Again, put them in the deep freezer. Now, wait until it completely freezes. As the last step, dip them one by one in normal water and just rub them with your hands. Finally, when you remove them from the moulds, you’ll get your kulfi.

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6) If you want, you can garnish your kulfi with almonds and pistachios.

Take a look:

Don’t forget to treat yourself with kulfis this summer and share the delight with your family as well.

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