Healthy Diet Tips: 5 Expert-Approved Benefits Of Plant-Based Diet

A diet, enriched with plant-based foods, works to improve our well-being, and I say this confidently because it has been put to test for thousands of years. Some positive effects include – more energy and a reduction in joint pain and weight. There’s also mention of blood pressure and cholesterol going back to healthy levels. Don’t you love hearing about how food becomes incredibly nourishing when we make healthy choices? I definitely do. It is also one of the many reasons why I love plant-based diet. It leads to a healthier lifestyle; however, I believe there are needs to be more aware about it. Only then we’d get to see plant-based foods seamlessly being incorporated in our daily diets.

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Here Are 5 Health Benefits of Plant-Based Diet:

1. Improves Gut Health

A plant-based diet is proven to help promote gut health and it’s not just my gut feeling. Most people making the switch experience it. This is all because of the rich fibre in plant foods that provide us with all the jazz that improves gut health. Don’t just take my word for it – the research led by Dr. Hana Kahleova of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine presents the same information. The results of the study show how 16 weeks of a vegan diet can boost the gut microbiome and much more.

2. Gives You Better Energy Levels

We all feel drowsy and have low energy at times. And it’s likely that the food contributes to us feeling like we’re running low on battery. However, plant-based foods can improve that. This is probably why even athletes turn to plant-based diets and don’t see it damaging their energy levels. You may have heard of tennis champion Venus Williams and her testimony to how a plant-based diet changed her life. F1 racer Lewis Hamilton also follows a vegan diet and, well, he completely agrees to it giving him more energy. To quote him from his interview with Men’s Health magazine, “I have more energy; I’m so much more productive. I wake up feeling way better, clearer in thought, and fresher in my body.”

3. Cares For Your Skin

Plant-based foods help us get into eating cleaner and it really shows on our skin! It is something that our parents kept telling us for ages – eat your greens to keep your skin radiant. A comprehensive study in 2020 mentions how plant-based diets increase the number of antioxidants in our bodies. This ultimately is the reason why our skin looks healthier. There are several more studies that highlight the same. But do remember to give your body time to adjust to eating differently. Don’t expect this to be a result you get to see overnight!


4. Helps You Manage Weight

You must know that plant-based foods are rich in fibre and this helps us stay fuller, making us snack less. This in turn helps us manage our weight better, something we all should work towards. Research from 2020 found that out of 19 studies where people were made a switch to a plant-based diet, every report mentioned weight loss. This diet is definitely tied to better health since it keeps our weight within control and helps maintain a good body mass index (BMI).


5. Can Help You Get Sound Sleep

Eating plant-based foods has definitely helped many people get a good night sleep. Of course, credit goes to our comfortable mattresses too. But to some extent, healthy food can also be the reason you get a good night sleep. If you generally feel that your stomach is puffed or drowsiness takes over after your meal, it’s a sign to start eating clean.


There are several other studies linked to how plant-based foods can lower cholesterol, reduce the rate of heart disease, type-2 diabetes, and more. But that’s a conversation that must only be considered further by involving nutritionists or health experts.

Overall, I’d say it is a great time to speak more about the popularity of plant-based foods and how they lead us towards living healthier lives.

Author’s Bio: Dibyendu Bindal is the founder and CEO at MIGHTY Foods

Disclaimer: These are the personal opinions of the author.

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