Top 100 Food Trends in May

There are a lot of unexpected flavors and culinary combinations present in the May 2023 food round-up. Brands like Alicja Confections are getting experimental by launching puzzling flavor combinations like pickle-flavored chocolate bars. These unconventional and surprising food items continue on with the limited-edition Chobani Flip Confetti Birthday Cake yogurt, the Van Leeuwen Idaho® potato French fries and milkshake ice cream flavor, and Spirit Almond’s Japanese-style Black Garlic Dry-Roasted Almonds.

These culinary adventures do not, however, erase the desire for timeless classics—recently, VAHDAM® India launched VAHDAM® Spices in partnership with Indian farmers and cooperatives. The eclectic, single-origin collection features 25 individual spices.

Video game aesthetics are also present in the May 2023 food round-up. While Pringles channels Minecraft for a limited-edition release, TRUFF embraces the Trio of Super Mario Bros. aesthetic for its truffle-infused hot sauces.

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